On this website Stefanie Ottens shows her work as an artist, but she is also known for her research (art history), designing exhibitions en several art and cultural related texts.


Stefanie Ottens can be hired for freelance assignments in the following areas:


  • Art objects: Paintings and drawings.
  • Exhibition organization and design/decor.
  • Art-related texts and articles.
  • Art-historical research.


Stefanie Ottens works for various cultural institutions like: museums, galleries, exhibition agencies, artists and art magazines.



Stefanie Ottens was born in 1987 in the rural province of Groningen (Netherlands), where in de province’s municipal she graduated both at Minerva Art College and in Art History at the university. She makes paintings and drawings. In the following text Ottens tells about her work.


“What motivates me to make art is the famous escapist longing for another world which I depict in my own fantasy world. My paintings and drawings are about the borders and tensions between beauty and repulsiveness. I want my work to provoke a feeling of great admiration for details and aesthetics. On the other side I try to evoke a gloomy and oppressive feeling.


For my work I am inspired by nature, folklore and legends. I work in various media and try to depict subtle contrasts, both in form and content. A fragile woman is exposed to her environment. She is surrounded by organic and ornamental shapes. The woman and the forms are placed in a mystical and indefinable space. Because I work from my own intuition and perception and because I use myself literally as a starting point (by using photos of myself as an example for the female figure), I distinguish myself from other artists. This is also primarily reflected in the details and my use of both experimental and traditional methods.


I am convinced that contemporary art of today is ready for the true individualist artist who works from his own personality and perception. (My) art is the reflection of the artist (me), which is shown to teach others. A good work of art enriches the artist and the viewer when it is sincere and when it arises from of the artist’s unique self.”


Stefanie Ottens, Ten Boer 2013

2010-2012: Master of the Arts (Modern and Contemporary Art), University of Groningen.

2008-2009: Bachelor program (short) Art History, University of Groningen.

2004-2008: Bachelor of Fine Arts Art, Academy Minerva (painting), Groningen.february 2014-may



2014: Museummanager (temporary), Dutch Comic Museum, Groningen.
2011-2014: Exhibitions employee, Dutch Comic Museum, Groningen.
Curating and designing various permanent and temporary exhibitions. For example: Donald Duck 60 jaar in Nederland and
Wordt Vervolgd Wordt vervolgd
2012-…: Board Member, Foundation Art and Crafts, Ten Boer.
2011: Internship Master, exhibition: Material World, Groninger Museum.
2010-…: Co-owner Studio Horneman, Ten Boer: framing, workshops, exhibitions. www.atelier-horneman.nl



2014: 34e Mini Pint Internationale of Cadaqués, Taller Galeria Fort (Spain) and Galerie L’Etangd’Art in Bages (France).
2014: 5×5 cm Mini Drawing Expo 2014, GYM in Groningen.
2013: Design Fleur Bloemen Award, Stefanie Ottens and Martin Horneman.
2012: Gathered through Facebook, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.
2012: Martin Horneman en Stefanie Ottens, UMCG, Groningen.
2012: Martin Horneman en Stefanie Ottens, Police station, Groningen.
2011: Werkelijke fantasieën, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.
2011: Salon exhibition, Foundation Wep, Groningen.
2010: Illustrations, Als Water en Vuur, publisher Profiel, Bedum. www.hamarkan.nl
2009: Jong in Groningen in 2009 # 1, Gallery Noord, Groningen.
2008: Group exhibition, Gallery Pictura, Groningen.
2008: Solo exhibition, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Groningen.
2008: Exhibition, Gallery Kunsthuis Noordwaarts, Eenrum
2008: Final exam exhibition Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2007: Exhibition Gallery t’Lageland Lageland.
2007: Mesdag, art project and exhibition, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2007: Exhibition Jonge verf, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2006: Art project, ‘De kip en de mens’, publication art calendar, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2006: Exhibition TEKEN EN, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2006: Exhibition, De Kunstmijl, Leer, Duitsland.



2014: Solo exhibition, Zelfs de kleinste Kat is een meesterwerk; 50 kattenetsen door Jittie Wildeman, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.
2014: Art Lending Exhibition, Atelier Horneman, Groningen.
2013: Group exhibition Made by…, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.
2012: Group exhibition, Gathered through Facebook, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.
2011: Group exhibition, Werkelijke fantasieën, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.



Stefanie Ottens, ‘De verschillende gezichten van Facebook’, 15 October 2012, [column], available: www.atelier-horneman.nl
Stefanie Ottens, ‘Joep Hommerson: magisch realist of pop surrealist?’, 10 August 2012 [column], available: www.atelier- horneman.nl
Stefanie Ottens, ‘Joris Laarman tussen kunst, wetenschap en design’, Groninger Museummagazine 01: Material World, kunst/ design/ mode, 24, no. 1, 2011, pp. 11-13.
Stefanie Ottens, ‘Nacho Carbonell, Meubels om in weg te kruipen’, Groninger Museummagazine 01: Material World, kunst/ design/ mode, 24, no. 1, 2011, pp. 31-33.
Leo Delfgaauw (june 2008), ‘Oogcontact’, [9 paragraphs], Blue­turns­grey, available: http://www.blue-turns-grey.nl/20082/20082_delfgaauw.html [online magazine for literature and art].


Exhibition UK

Published: 15 september 2014

At the moment Stefanie Ottens’ work for the 34e Mini Print International is exhibited at the Wingfield Barn in UK. Check http://wingfieldbarns.com/art-exhibitions.php for more information.

Exhibition 34e Mini Print International Cadaqués, Spain

Published: 10 juni 2014

    On Saturday june 28, the exhibition of 34e Mini Print International wil be opened in Cadaqués, Spain. Adres: Hort d’en Sanés 9, Cadaqués.
    The exhibition can be visited until september 30. After Spain, the exhibition wil be shown France at Galerie L’Etangd’Art in Bages.
    For more information check:www.miniprint.org



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